Coaching can be used in most areas of career, development, or in areas of remedial action. Organisational Coaching can be used when working on an identified issue. Issues need to be identified by the organization/ manager/ sponsor and individual goals set for coaching outcomes.

Talk to Jo about your need and see if there’s a coaching solution to fit the need.

I first spoke with Jo when I saw an opportunity to redefine my role. From the very first conversation she honed in on the key factors to this change process. By asking pertinent questions and engaging with me on likely push backs, I was able to successfully implement the idea and turn my concept into reality. I would definitely reach out to Jo again.Emma, Clinical Specialist (Australia)

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is increasingly recognised as one of the most effective ways to enable executive development. Executive coaching can assist in focusing the attention of the executive to set goals or targets. It can also assist the executive in the leadership of teams, setting of goals, working with peers or superiors just to name a few. Executive coaching can be applied across all elements of the Executives work or life balance.

High level coaching can also be used alongside corporate development or talent programs to ensure embedded learning or targeted changes. Executive coaching is a collaborative arrangement where Jo works alongside the executive on their agenda. Jo is passionate about supporting and challenging executives at all levels and locations. Jo has extensive executive coaching experience across Asia Pacific.

Leadership Coaching

High potential coaching

Coaching can help support future talent as they fast track their career and navigate the organization and its challenges. Many times companies provide on the job learning and expect these high potential future leaders to learn at a fast pace. Coaching future leaders can assist in retention and embed lessons being learnt on the job or in development programs. Coaching can also be a strong supporter during high stress assignments.

New manager/ leader coaching

Becoming a new manager or leader can be a daunting experience. During this coaching Jo will often work with the leaders on a 90 day business plan. It is most beneficial to start this coaching several weeks before taking up the new post. This is especially useful if the executive is relocating to another country and has to also consider cultural aspects in his or her leadership.

Women’s Development Coaching

It is widely recognised that women face different challenges than men during their career. Coaching is a great way to support any woman in her career journey with focus on unlocking her confidence and potential. The goal is to explore far and wide the potential career paths open to her, enabling her to take charge of her career, planning the how, what and when.

Coaching is also very supportive when women are making career choices whether that be around flexible working, career breaks or career changes.

All other types of coaching listed are for both men and women but there are targeted Women’s coaching programs that use techniques to address issues experienced by women.

Return from Parental Leave coaching

Many organisations experience retention issues when women are returning from maternity leave. Through coaching the women can be supported during their leave and ease their return to work.