Executive Reflection

Most executives today find themselves busy all the time fighting fires, moving from problem to problem or event to event with little or no time for thoughtful, quiet reflection. Numerous studies have pointed out the necessity of taking a break from the action to get the ‘big view’ on the situation.

Jo partners with executives, enabling them to step outside the day to day and reflect on their work, interactions and plans across global and local functions and business lines. Jo works with executives across all areas of business.
The unexamined life is
not worth living.The great philosopher Socrates
Jo is passionate about supporting and challenging executives at all levels, business areas and locations. Jo has extensive executive reflection experience across Asia Pacific. The great philosopher Socrates put it this way. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 
Jo recommends regular monthly executive reflection sessions where she can guide the introspection and discussions.

“Jo was able to create environment where I was able to share everything but I knew it was all confidential.

Jo could also challenge me and forced me to evaluate my leadership strategies and actions.

This was even the case when we were in different timezones and face to face meetings were not possible.”Ben, Global Business Leader (Shanghai)