Organisational Effectiveness

Organisational Effectiveness/Development is about developing strategies to support the people side of change and growth.

Top 5 business challenges where we can help:

  • The business needs are changing faster than people’s skills
  • There are too many overwhelmed leaders who don’t engage their teams
  • We can’t execute change cross-functionally and collaboratively
  • Our succession planning charts are not robust
  • We must innovate and need more talent to do so

Jo will work with leadership teams, management and HR teams to build solutions specific to their business problems or assist the forward planning for future success.

Examples of OD/OE solutions:

  • Employee engagement
  • Post downsize/ upsize/ merger strategies
  • Organisation redesign & restructure
  • Cultural awareness & leadership
  • Leadership development – team and individual
  • Role redesign
  • Succession & Talent Planning
  • Performance planning
  • Strategies for working & leading virtual teams
  • New market people solution plans
  • Team building
  • Outsourcing/ Insourcing

The areas for solutions for OE/OD are endless. Anywhere in the business where change and people are involved we can build strategies and plans for success.

HR Mentoring

For HR directors, specialist HR managers

Often the HR team, Director or leaders are without peers to be able to discuss confidential areas and workshop ideas. Jo’s vast HR experience across multiple geographical locations, multiple global and local projects and various roles encompasses:

  • Diversity (women, age strategies, multi-cultural teams, culture, generational team’s awareness etc.)
  • Coaching, training, building and supporting in house coaches to develop their skills and deliver quality coaching
  • Executive coaching, working with top level executives dealing with complex leadership, commercial, operational, technical and personal challenges.
  • Downsizing, upsizing
  • Performance management
  • New HR solutioning

Jo can work with the HR team or leader to provide mentoring, support and solutions.


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