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Register your interest and find out more, request a call with Jo to discuss Group or 1:1 Supervision for you and your coaching practice.

  • Each group will only have between 4-8 participants
  • Meet monthly (10 sessions per year Feb-Nov) pro-rata for groups starting mid year
  • Meet via face to face session or Skype video conferencing
  • We thrive on working with diverse groups, across geographies and cultures
  • Supervision for new to experienced coaches
  • In-house group sessions are available
  • Evening or Day groups available – depending on timezones

Australasian Community for Coaching Supervision

Jo is a founding member of this community who meet regularly and are passionate about sharing information on Coaching Supervision and access to Supervisors. For more information on Coaching Supervision and how to source a supervisor or prepare for a session visit ACCS.

What is Supervision?

Supervision is – A process of reflecting on your work with a Coach Supervisor. This helps the coach to become aware of relevant strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to become stronger and more confident across a range of conversations. The Coaching Supervisor explores and clarifies the relationships and conversations between the Coach and Client, enabling coaches to be effective in every ‘coaching moment’.

Coaches in supervision often refer to the relief of having time and space to think about particular aspects of their work and especially to think/reflect with a trusted colleague who will explore and/or practice with them and contribute to their understanding. This support enables the coach to contain and resolve some of the more challenging parts of their work:

  • their frustrations with coachees
  • their concern that they are not doing enough
  • the difficulty of keeping to a coaching contract when the coaching ‘flow’ is going off topic from undue influence of the organisation (often implicit) or of key stakeholders which might reduce coach effectiveness (power/disempowerment)
  • unexpected emotional material either within the coach or in the coachee
  • ‘ruptures’ in the coaching relationship
  • Issues relating to internal corporate coaches

Jo has a Diploma in Coaching Supervision from the Coaching Supervision Academy UK.

“Jo has helped me see things from different perspectives. Through one of the most challenging times in my career, Jo has been an important resource for me.

She provided practical and professional support to help push and stretch me to develop my coaching and my business. I would highly recommend her as a coach and coaching supervisor.”
Annick, Coach (France)

I worked with Jo last year in a supervision role.

it was a very difficult for me because I had to face a lot of personal issues and I was afraid all these trouble could have an impact on my coaching role.

Jo proved great qualities of listening and was very helpful for me. she was a great support and advised me on a very efficient way.

Thanks a lot again Jo 🙂
Virginie, Coach (France)

Supervision in groups or individual 1:1

Jo has expertise in supervising groups across various regional and global locations. Groups are brought together using phone and video solutions.   Jo also has extensive experience working 1:1 with coaches from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe


ICF- Supervision for CPD

It has become recognized practice that coaches at every stage in their coaching journey continually seek development, both personally in terms of deepening their coaching presence and awareness, and professionally in terms of competencies, ethics and standards. One of the growing trends internationally for undertaking such development is engaging in the practice of ‘coaching supervision’ similar in concept to the supervision which supports many behavioral science professions.

A common misconception is that coaching supervision is just very high coaching ability and that no additional training/experience is required to serve as a supervisor. The awareness that specialized training is needed is gaining interest but not yet fully embraced by all wishing to serve in this role. Jo is a qualified Coach Supervisor having completed a Diploma in Supervision from the Coaching Supervision Academy UK in 2014.

Supervision has now been accepted by ICF as an option to include in your CPD hours for credential renewal. This is detailed on the ICF website under your specific credential renewal requirements.

Click here to visit ICF page on supervision for CPD

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