Women’s Development

Jo is passionate about developing women to find the confidence within and to help them discover their potential and how to drive their careers.

Jo recognizes each woman is individual and brings their own work, life experiences and challenges. Each woman has choices to make during their career.

Jo thrives in working with cross cultural groups and by developing women in various countries. Jo works with women in finding ways for them to drive their career in the cultures that surrounds them. Cultural influence could be a number of things – country culture, corporate culture, manager’s culture or other cultural influences. Jo can also work with cross cultural leadership and management teams in addressing women’s development. This is growing in need as companies move more towards virtual teams and cross cultural groups.

Jo can deliver end to end Diversity solutions targeting women:

  • New starters
  • Individual contributors looking to further their career
  • New Managers
  • High Potentials/Future Leaders
  • Experienced leaders looking to push through to the top level
  • Cross cultural diversity strategies and leaders

In designing and delivering total diversity solutions Jo also provides HR, Leader and Manager Sessions to support your company’s Diversity strategy and support the retention and career growth of women in your company. Jo can also work with your HR and Leadership team to review or develop a diversity strategy for your company.

Jo believes in developing women to be aware of these areas:


  • Women need to be aware of themselves (their strengths/weaknesses/preferences) and their interactions across the wider environment (work, home, community, industry etc)

Market her inner expertise

  • Know what she’s good at and know how to talk about it and own it and market it for success
  • Know the areas she needs to develop or put in place strategies to have others support her in areas of weakness.

Wider Environment Awareness

  • Know her environment: industry, company, teams, geography, culture, family, community, supporters & potential disablers

Business & Strategy

  • Know the crucial importance of these skills in senior level career progression (make a choice – if she wants to progress she NEEDS to know the business)
  • Learn the numbers, learn the business – be able to talk about it
  • Keep current and know what’s happening in her environment (make choices in what she reads, who she talks to and how she keeps current)

Control & Drive

  • Get confident, believe in herself
  • Take control of her own career and drive the path that she wants- craft and drive her own journey
  • Including Balance through the journey and future development strategies – look after herself and then she will be able to bring out the greatness in others around her

Jo’s strategy includes working with corporate HR teams to roll out solutions that fit the need.

Previous solutions include:

  • Diversity awareness sessions for managers
  • Monthly diversity sessions for all women (& men)
  • Targeted coaching and mentoring for women
  • Female development programs (individual contributor, team leader, new manager)
  • Executive women programs
“Jo has insight, knowledge and the right interpersonal skills to make her an excellent coach. Jo inspires honesty, positivity and confidence, but she also balances this with the right level of tough love and direct feedback to enable the right level of reflection for good personal development.

Jo has played a key role in helping to put me on the right path to both understand and reach my full potential. ” Anna, Sales Executive (Australia)

After consecutive redundancies I was beginning to question my worth and ability to progress in my career as a working mother seeking both challenges and flexibility. Jo’s pragmatic approach and ever positive view of the world helped to me to reevaluate my career aspirations and identity ways to ” have my cake and eat it too.” After successfully working independently for nearly three years I am now loving my full time role in the renewable energy sector and with Jo’s help seem to be managing that working mum juggle albeit with the odd un-ironed school shirt and forgotten homework task!Tanya, Communications and Company Services Manager (Australia)
“I have met Jo when she run the project of Top 10 Women in Leadership program for Alcatel-Lucent in Asia Pacific. She is one of the great coach and she knew well how to bring the greatness in you out.

She is a fantastic coach.”Wichuda, APAC Operations Manager (Thailand)

“Being coached by Jo has provided me with greater self-awareness to my approach in both my business as well as personal life. Of great benefit I found Jo’s business experience in complex leadership and technical issues and knowledge and experience of Asian culture and business. In our conversations I felt immediately comfortable she was aligned to my experiences and definitely someone who understands the culture, insights and diversity. Thank you Jo”Belinda, APAC IT Executive (Australia)
“Jo partnered with me to develop myself and my confidence. I then succeeded in landing a new job – which I previously wouldn’t have considered applying for. Thank you Jo!! ” Karen, Project Manager (New Zealand)

Leadership Development

There are a multitude of Leadership development programs Jo can work to design. Jo can work with the leaders of HR to identify their needs, then develop a solution. This could include partnering with others to successfully generate the desired outcome.